"Each decoration has characteristic a trait that is extremely important for the back side will always be done with the same care as the facial."

Коммерсантъ Стиль

"The Russian mother and daughter team have created MiLiO that taps into their country's great jewellery heritage using rich colours as seen in this amethyst with a clear Art Deco inspiration."

The Jewellery Editor

"MiliO is a Russian duo between a mother and daughter. Their first desire in launching their brand last year was to pay tribute to great Russian traditions including gemstones and stone carving. They are the first women to have won the Carl Faberge Prize for High Jewelry design, mixing tradition with art deco tradition setting lots of calibrated square cuts stones."

Vivienne Becker

".. .they take their rich Russian heritage and merge it with Art Deco style, producing pieces that are both precious in material and radical by idea. One example is the latest 'Supremus' ring from the Piece de Resistance collection, inspired by the Suprematism, one of the most influential and radical abstract art movement of Russian Avant-garde, pioneered by Kazimir Malevich."

Preeta Agarwal

"A superlatively balanced asymmetrical composition of each piece found through experiments with bold contrasting colours and forms is a tribute to the great artists of the past, remaining strikingly modern."

Solitaire Magazine (Trend 2020)

«"Cette bague reconstitue I'ambiance art deco et la symbolique d'entre-deux-guerres, axee sur I'envie de vivre et de creer", expliquent les createurs, qui avouent n'ecouter que du jazz americain lorsqu'elles travaillent. Pourquoi? Parce que c'est la liberte...? »

Anna Aznaour. Gazette Drouot

"MiLiO unveil their style of Russian romance mixed with Art Deco modernism."


"Loving the homage to the twenties with the geometric shapes of this ring. And this color palette!"

Rapaport Magazine

"Absolutely amazing!"

Linda Schlottmann

«Московский дуэт матери и дочери, Людмилы и Ольги Мироновых, создает украшения с 2007 года. Освоив старинные русские ювелирные традиции и европейские техники, разработали собственный оригинальный стиль. Увлечение Модернизмом начала XX века привело ювелиров к смелому использованию цвета и четких форм».

Екатерина Зиборова. Коммерсантъ Стиль