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The "Supremus" ring, presented at the Gem Geneve 2019 exhibition, and at the "Designer Vivarium” curated by Vivienne Becker, aroused a keen interest of leading professionals: journalists, bloggers, art historians, jewellers and art dealers.

The "Mesmering” ring debuted at Jeweluxe Singapore 2019. "Solitaire Magazine" called MiLiO collection of the rings the Trend of 2020. It is the first Russian brand to have gained such a high reput.

The “Solaris” ring is extremely complex both in composition and construction: residing at different planes, the precious stones function at the same time as the elements of the setting.

All the rings are united by the number of the precious stones (five) and by absolutely phenomenal architecture. The collection is genuinely unique, no one before us was able to embody non-objective Suprematism in an object that received such complex and harmonious execution.